Welcome to the Center for Trucking Safety
In over 20 years of handling trucking cases, we see a clear and present danger on our roadways. Routinely, tractor trailers carry loads in a dangerous manner, they're accidents waiting to happen. Most are clearly avoidable. Such was the case when we represented a family whose son was killed and the father's leg amputated due to the negligence of three defendants who could have avoided the accident through simple testing and education.

These experiences have moved us to establish the Center where parties interested in safety can interact in improving legislation and litigation. Legislation to come as close as we can through written rules, and litigation to punish those who do not exercise due care.

Static and Dynamic tractor trailer testing methods can determine safety. Tilt table testing which determines the static rollover threshold of any vehicle is available through the center.  In addition, Dynamic Computer Simulations allow experts to observe the behavior of any tractor trailer and its payload under a variety of driving conditions.  
The results of these different tests can be used to support litigation theories and to allow the trucking industry to devise and employ safe transportation practices.  
Associated with the Center are world renown researchers, scientists and teachers , devoted to the research, testing and analysis of issues related to tractor trailer transportation. Dedicated professionals will analyze the cause of accidents and prescribe safety measures to prevent future harm.

Research Centers
Tractor Trailer Testing
-Dynamic and Computer
Trial Consultants
Highway Design

Trial consultants offer a communication perspective to all trial and pretrial activities.  This can be in the form of consultation in a particular case, or more general workshops.  They help those who want to understand how the elements of a trial are or will be perceived by others - judges, juries, media, and community - by use of scientific methods of discovery.  They understand the ambiguities of words - including those in the law - and can help others understand how language is perceived as well as how it may be made to be perceived.
Experts provide analysis of roadway design and traffic control features including the role of geometric design of highways and intersections, traffic signal design and operation, signs, pavement markings, and traffic control in construction and maintenance work zones.  Experts are also involved in traffic engineering studies related to roadway improvements and site development in the prevention of accidents.
The Center can arrange for speakers including noted experts, successful litigators, media commentators on the status of trucking safety, victims of accidents and their families and government personnel.

Services Available to:
Referring Attorneys
Regulatory Agencies
Manufacturers/Shippers, Logistics & Trucking Companies
Lobbyists & Safety Campaigns

Victims of trucking negligence can find attorneys with access to contacts, associations and support functions assembled in 20 years of successful representation, many of them now available through the Center

Trucking transportation cases require understanding of highly specialized federal and state regulations as well as creativity in using common law theories of negligence. Our lawyers have developed theories of liability never used before which have resulted in millions of dollars in damages for victims.

The Center benefits from the dual function of regulatory agencies which both give and receive help in promoting safety by establishing and enforcing written regulations. They solicit data and recommendations from the private sector, as well as to report on their findings and operations.
While companies involved in product shipping routinely have attorneys review contracts and check compliance with regulations, such companies have a two-fold responsibility which goes beyond following existing regulations: First, legally, such companies are expected to operate with due care in situations not anticipated or specified in the law and second, morally, society expects them to protect all who might be affected by their shipping, irrespective of governmental regulations. The Center can help companies adopt a proactive program of research and experimentation to assume a role in the forefront of trucking safety. [See: Research Centers, Highway Design and Tractor Trailer Testing] Note: Several Center resources can help individual companies, shipping cooperatively with other firms, protect themselves from complicity in the event of complex accidents.
1. Foremost, an opportunity to learn from those who are driven to be thorough in uncovering the facts when holding negligent parties responsible for damaging the lives of others.
2. Center experts and attorneys are the source of anecdotal evidence as well as authoritative data.
3. The Center presents an opportunity to coordinate campaigns [See: Research Centers and Speakers]
Support for media representatives, when covering either trucking accidents or public/governmental campaigns or hearings related to trucking safety, is available from Center experts including trial lawyers. [See: Speakers and Lobbies/Safety Campaigns]